Help Ickford’s Neighbourhood Development Plan to avoid overdevelopment


Vision for Ickford Neighbourhood Development Plan

Many villages in the UK are under threat from massive development and over expansion. The prospect of new homes being constructed with no proper infrastructure draws closer, with locals able to do nothing about it.


We are producing our Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP).  The ‘Vision for Ickford’ NDP is a document being produced by a local committee linked to the Ickford Parish Council setting out the future of our community for 15-20 years, which has legal weight in planning decisions and village growth.        ‘What is a Neighbourhood Plan’.


View this link concerning the village of Bampton in the Cotswolds.

‘A Recipe for a 21st Century Catastrophe’. 

It is an example of what could happen to Ickford if no NDP is developed.  This film aims to illustrate dramatically how Bampton is beginning to change and not for the better – it could already be too late for them.

Please support the development of the ‘Vision for Ickford NDP’. Send us your thoughts to or add your comments to the end of the postings, having read the contents within this website.

Let us know what you think.

One thought on “Help Ickford’s Neighbourhood Development Plan to avoid overdevelopment”

  1. The information displayed at the Church fete was very interesting and I was impressed by the progress made so far. I hope the committee continue to make good progress as time seems to be of the essence in producing a village plan that can influence future village development in the round, by which I mean that it is no good allowing new developments without upgrading the existing infrastructure such as the surface and foul water drainage. Keep up the good work.

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