Referendum version of the Ickford Neighbourhood Plan

The Ickford Neighbourhood Plan has now successfully been through Independent Examination, and has been posted on AVDC’s now (Buckinghamshire County – Aylesbury Vale area) website. It would normally proceed straight away to a Referendum with the villagers, and if it were to get a majority vote, would then be formally adopted.

However due to the postponement of elections by HMG, have said no referendums can take place before 6 May 2021 and the referendum version posted on this site is for information only, it is not a consultation.

So what does this mean for Ickford?
In decision-making terms: Where the local planning authority has issued a decision statement (as set out under Regulation 25 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012) detailing its intention to send a neighbourhood plan to referendum, that plan can be given significant weight in decision-making, so far as the plan is material to the application.

Click on image to view the pdf document, or click on the small screen to view online version.

INP Referendum version April 2020   INP Referendum version

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