February 2020 update

Vision for Ickford Neighbourhood Development Plan

Regulation 16 Consultation

The consultation period officially commenced on Wednesday 22nd January 2020 and closes on Wednesday 4th March 2020 at 5.15pm.

This is the final opportunity for those who originally commented on the plan to comment further before the plan goes to be externally examined.

After 4th March all comments will be published on the Council website and be sent to an independent examiner to carry out the examination of the plan.

If you would like to see the final documents they will be available in the village shop, in the church, on this website or can be viewed also at the:

Aylesbury Vale District Council website.



January 2020 update

Ickford Neighbourhood Plan Publications

After many months of hard work and community engagement, Ickford Parish Council submitted it’s final version of the Ickford Neighbourhood Development Plan. AVDC as the local authority will undertake a six week publication period to provide an opportunity for all parties to comment on the submitted proposals before the plan goes to examination. The consultation dates for the publication period are Wednesday 22 January 2020 to Wednesday 4 March 2020 closing at 5.15pm.

The Council website page where you can view the submission documents and other information.

December 2019 update

Vision for Ickford Neighbourhood Development Plan

The Neighbourhood Plan and associated support documents have now been submitted to AVDC for their review and for the final round of consultation. Following this, it will be submitted for independent assessment and, once over all these hurdles, will be put forward for a ‘referendum’ within the village. It might be premature to say the end is in sight as there are likely to be further changes due to the second round of consultation and the review, but hopefully after two years of dedication and hard work by the team, this may be the case.

All documents are available for you to read on this website.

September 2019 update

Vision for Ickford Neighbourhood Development Plan

Following a short delay, the Ickford Neighbourhood Plan is now back-on-track

The public enquiry into 42 Worminghall Road and the subsequent possibility of a Judicial Review into the outcome, resulted in almost 3 months delays to progressing the Neighbourhood Plan, due in the main to the impact that this development will have on the settlement boundary and proposed policies.

Now we know that there will not be a review, we can make the required adjustments to the plan, and it is now the intention of the team to have this and the required background evidence and other supporting documents submitted to AVDC by the end of October. This should allow the next 6 week statutory consultation period to be completed, we hope before Christmas, so that final adjustments can be done before the formal independent examination and referendum.

It is a very lengthy and cumbersome process, and we would not be as advanced as we are were it not for the commitment and dedication of the team. 

We will keep publishing updates on the website and in the Ickford Informer.

Martin Armitstead

August 2019 update

Vision for Ickford Neighbourhood Development Plan

Despite the uncertainty created by waiting for the Inspectors’ decision on the Public Inquiry for 42 Worminghall Road, and the impact a decision in favour of this would have on the Neighbourhood plan, we are continuing with the process. The revisions required to go to the next level of consultation and then independent examination are nearly complete, and we remain broadly on track with our timescale.

Martin Armitstead.


Public Consultation Period has ended

Vision for Ickford Neighbourhood Development Plan

Now that the public consultation period has ended, the team has been reviewing the comments received on the draft Neighbourhood Plan. We had some good constructive comments and a lot of support for the Plan. Comments were received from, amongst others, Land & Partners, Pegasus Group on behalf of Cala Homes, AVDC, Bucks County Council, Natural England, River Thame Conservation Trust, and local residents. Where relevant and constructive, these will be incorporated within the NP, and we hope to be able to submit it for formal independent examination within the first two weeks of July.

April 2019 Update – A short reminder to Villagers

Vision for Ickford Neighbourhood Development Plan

Just a short reminder to all Villagers that we are now in the consultation period, so this is the opportunity for all of you to comment on the Draft Ickford Neighbourhood Plan.

You can find the INP and the supportive documents, on this website.

For anyone unable to access the online documents copies are available to borrow from any member of the team, and there are also copies available in the Pavilion, Village Hall, Shop, Church and Rising Sun pub. Comment forms are also available and these can be returned to any team member or left in the collection box within the Village Shop.

Also as a reminder, we will be holding an open day on the Plan on Saturday 11th May, from 10.00 am to 3.00 pm in the Pavilion. Copies of the draft plan and supportive documents and displays will be there as well as members of the team on hand to discuss any thoughts, suggestions or comments you may have. Do come along and met us there.

Martin Armitstead

April 2019 Update – Neighbourhood Plan has now successfully passed AVDC screening

Vision for Ickford Neighbourhood Development Plan

The Ickford Neighbourhood Plan has now successfully passed through screening with AVDC.

We can now commence a period of public consultation in accordance with the 2012 Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations (Regulation 14). The formal consultation will be for a period of six weeks from Monday 8th April to Wednesday 22nd May 2019.

In addition we have publicised the consultation to all the village, both by way of the Ickford Informer, and a post card drop to each household in the parish. This clearly states that copies of the Plan and Comment Form are available in the Church, Pavilion, Rising Sun Public House, Ickford Village Hall, Ickford School and the Village Shop, as well as through contacting any member of the INP group. The shop is a drop off point for any forms if people do not want to do this on line. 

It is hoped that as many people as possible will read the plan and submit comments.

The Draft Plan and accompanying documents are available below.  

Click the image below to read or download the document.
(When open on screen, save to desktop).

Ickford Neighbourhood Plan – Final Draft April 2019

Ickford Neioghbourhood Plan - Final Draft April 2019
downloadable pdf copy of document
Screen View

Ickford Neighbourhood Plan Built Heritage Assessment

downloadable pdf copy of document
Screen View

Ickford Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Report

downloadable pdf copy of document
Screen View

Ickford Neighbourhood Plan Background Evidence Report

downloadable pdf copy of document
Screen View

A draft plan comment form is also available (below), enabling you to make your comments by e-mail to info@visionforickford.co.uk or by letter to any member of the INP committee or a clearly marked box in the village shop. You can also reply via the reply facility within the post on this website.

Ickford Neighbourhood Plan Comment Form

Ickford Neighbourhood Plan Comment Form
downloadable copy of document

On Saturday 11th May from 10am to 3pm we will be holding a drop-in session at the Ickford Pavilion attended by members of the steering group to discuss the plan with you. Whilst no new information will be available, this is your opportunity to comment on this plan.

Following revisions from your comments, the final Plan should be submitted to AVDC in early June.   Examination is likely late Summer and a referendum will be held in Ickford in the Autumn.

February 2019 Update

Vision for Ickford Neighbourhood Development Plan
We are making good progress with the Neighbourhood Plan. Aylesbury Vale have now sent the draft plan for consultation ‘screening’ to English Nature, English Heritage and the Environment Agency and should be completed around middle of March. In the meantime the Plan has been formally adopted by your Parish Council.

The process of formally consulting with villagers and interested parties can shortly begin.

The download of the draft plan can be obtained by clicking here and will also be available in printed form from a member of the team, and at locations around the village.  Click here to see the screen version of the draft plan.

More details will follow, as there will be an ‘open day’ to come and an opportunity to review and discuss it with the team. 

Draft Neighbourhood Plan now produced for ICKFORD

Vision for Ickford Neighbourhood Development Plan

The Draft Neighbourhood Plan for Ickford has now been submitted to AVDC, English Heritage, English Nature and the Environment Agency as part of the statutory consultation process. It sets out the 15 year vision for the Village.
Once comments are received back from the above organisations there will be a full consultation process for Villagers of Ickford to comment on the plan. Also as part of the consultation process, if any local landowner, Parish Council, any village organisation, group or other interested party would like to see and comment on the Neighbourhood Plan, details can be found on below or email us at info@visionforickford.co.uk  to request a copy.


Draft Ickford Neighbourhood Plan
March 2019


Screen view of Draft Ickford Neighbourhood Plan





VISION_Newsletter-Feb 2019

November 2018 Update

Vision for Ickford Neighbourhood Development Plan


The team met again this month and good progress on the plan is being made. The aim remains to lodge the draft plan for ‘Scoping’ of the draft policies by AVDC and other statutory consultative bodies, before Christmas.

The group have also identified 17 properties in the Village that are deemed important for visual sightlines and the overall ambiance of the community. These are not ‘listed’ buildings and therefore of regional or national importance, but ones which, should a development be proposed close by, or for example in a neighbouring field, would be afforded additional ‘protection and consideration’ so as to reduce any possible impact thereon. To do this they would have to be included on a local Heritage list. This in no way fetters or obligates the owners in any way, neither does it impose any restrictions or cost on them. We are in the process of discussing this with them.

Thank you,

Martin Armitstead

A big thank you to all Ickford residents that came to the presentation today at the Village Hall


Discussion in flow regarding the Vision for Ickford Neighbourhood Development Plan at the presentation in the Village Hall - 15th September 2018  Discussion in flow regarding the Vision for Ickford Neighbourhood Development Plan at the presentation in the Village Hall - 15th September 2018







We are now able to move onto the next stage, thanks to all your contributions, comments and suggestions.

Download or read online what you have been to see today:
Click on the title below to read and download:

Vision for Ickford Presentation 15th Sept 2018

  Screen version of above.

Ickford Sustainability Heritage Assessment – 15th Sept 2018

  Screen version of above.

Oxford-Cambridge Expressway Latest

We look forward to your continued help and support in the future for what we are trying to achieve.

Dear Ickford Resident

What you ‘say and think’ is important to Ickford’s future.

To find out why, come and help us to develop your ideas at the Ickford Village Hall.   It could affect us all. 

15th September 2018
From 10am to 3.30pm

 Refreshments will be served.
Look forward to seeing you there.


o Housing
o Environment
o Biodiversity
o Amenities
o Transport and Parking
o Ickford History
o Any other issues


Help Ickford’s Neighbourhood Development Plan to avoid overdevelopment


Vision for Ickford Neighbourhood Development Plan

Many villages in the UK are under threat from massive development and over expansion. The prospect of new homes being constructed with no proper infrastructure draws closer, with locals able to do nothing about it.


We are producing our Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP).  The ‘Vision for Ickford’ NDP is a document being produced by a local committee linked to the Ickford Parish Council setting out the future of our community for 15-20 years, which has legal weight in planning decisions and village growth.        ‘What is a Neighbourhood Plan’.


View this link concerning the village of Bampton in the Cotswolds.

‘A Recipe for a 21st Century Catastrophe’. 

It is an example of what could happen to Ickford if no NDP is developed.  This film aims to illustrate dramatically how Bampton is beginning to change and not for the better – it could already be too late for them.

Please support the development of the ‘Vision for Ickford NDP’. Send us your thoughts to info@visionforickford.co.uk or add your comments to the end of the postings, having read the contents within this website.

Let us know what you think.

Ickford Village Wildlife Survey

Vision for Ickford Neighbourhood Development Plan

Ickford Wildlife Survey

We are carrying out a survey of the wildlife in Ickford village and would like you the villagers, to record the species you see. Plese click this link ICKFORD WILDLIFE and download the form.  Tick the relevant boxes when you see each species.  There is no hurry to return this form as some time will be needed to accumulate your records. Once completed, please send to the address on the form.

Vision for Ickford – Progress Update July 2018

Vision for Ickford Neighbourhood Development Plan

We have had another very good meeting this month and are moving ahead with a Sustainability Appraisal and Scoping Report with Background Evidence! If you have not already switched off by that, the aim of this report is to take the key issues that we now have in the village and support these with factual and supported evidence, that would stand up to scrutiny for the objectives and policies we will be developing.

Questionnaires – some more have been returned, so we now have participation from 72% of households. A great achievement!

We also want to find out how many ‘wells’ there are in Ickford. Do you have one in your garden? If so, please let us know by emailing on info@visionforickford.co.uk.

Chris Sandham is making good progress with the Wildlife and Tree survey, but still needs more help in recording sightings around the village. We are working on putting an interactive facility for this on our website, but in the meantime if you have seen something unusual or want to help Chris with this, he would love to hear from you. Please contact Chris on sandhamchris@icloud.com or download and fill out the WILDLIFE FORM and return it to the address on the form.

We are updating this website regularly, and all postings have a response section at the end of each of the articles for you to add your thoughts and comments. (Just click on the ‘leave a comment’ link or the ‘article title’ or the title within the ‘recent posts’ section and this will take you to the article. At the bottom you can reply leaving your comment. Once confirmed it is not spam it will be published).

Not only do we want to add the wildlife section, but also a ‘photo book’ of old photos of interest about the village (don’t forget if you have some we would love to borrow and scan them for this). We will soon be adding Jo Tiddy’s excellent report on Heritage within the Village. So much going on and for you to look at.

Finally, we aim to have another opportunity for you to come and see the work of the team, and give us your comment, input and feedback. This has been provisionally set for 15th September, and more information will follow on the next update.

Martin Armitstead