Thank you to all who visited the Ickford Neighbourhood Plan display at the Church Fete

Vision for Ickford Neighbourhood Development PlanOver 80 people stopped by, we had some excellent interest and feedback, and were able to fill some of the gaps in our information gathering.

A copy of the full presentation is now  available on this site Ickford Vision Presentation, and there are some fascinating statistics and views of the village therein. For example, from the questionnaire returns we have on average 2.9 cars per household against a national average of 1.2; we have on average 2.5 residents per property, but 3.4 bedrooms (against a national average of 2.3 and 2.9 respectively); and on average residents have lived in the village for 16.5 years – the longest living resident in the village we have found, has lived here for 79 years!

Questionnaires – over 70% of households have now returned the questionnaires, so the participation is excellent. If you still have not returned yours, please do so by dropping it into Jan Jones at 1 Church Road. If you have lost yours and need another copy, please email

Wildlife survey – As part of the Neighbourhood Plan we will be undertaking a survey of the wildlife in the village – reptiles and amphibians, butterflies and moths, bats, mammals, native and migrant birds, and your help is need to record sightings. Chris Sandham is heading up this initiative and would love to hear from you if you can help. I am assured no experience is necessary, just a keen eye and some enthusiasm! If you or any member of your family would like to help, then please contact Chris on Download the WILDLIFE FORM here.

Harry Butler and the Photographic Club are all helping us with photos of the village and surrounds, but we are also trying to get hold of any historic photos, pictures or prints of the village and past residents. Do you have any? If so, may we scan them? Please email on

Martin Armitstead

An update on the ‘Vision for Ickford’ Neighbourhood Plan progress, also its first showing at the Ickford Village Fete

Vision for Ickford Neighbourhood Development PlanThe data gathering through the village questionnaire is now well advanced. We received a 70% response rate which is excellent, and is due in the main to the dedication of the team, and the interest that they have been able to generate in the village.

Our first public display was at the Village Fete on Bank Holiday Monday. Attached (links below) is a copy of the information we explained on our display boards. What has come from the research to date is that we have a population that is typically above average of Aylesbury Vale (49 v 40), we have on average 2.5 residents per property but 3.4 bedrooms, and 2.9 cars per property (UK 1.2) – reflecting the rural location and poor/unreliable public transport. We have a disproportionate number of large detached properties, and a paucity of properties for first time buyers/ downsizers.

We will now be moving on to producing our policies for consultation.

  1. Ickford Questionnaire Results
  2. Ickford Bedrooms per property
  3. Possible Ickford Settlement Boundaries
  4. Ickford Land Ownership
  5. Ickford Flooding
  6. Ickford Boundaries
  7. Ickford Listed Buildings
  8. Ickford Buildings of Local Note
  9. Ickford Building Details and Materials

Vision for Ickford Neighbourhood Development PlanFull Presentation


First Public Display for Vision for Ickford

The ‘Vision for Ickford’ stand, presentation and information collected was shown for the first time to the attendees of the Ickford Village Fete on Bank Holiday Monday. The fete was well attended by the villagers and visitors. We had considerable interest in the project and over 80 villagers spend time at the display, and were engaged in conversation and very interested in adding to our data.

Stephanie Buller, Neighbourhood Planning Officer, AVDC, commented,
“Truly excellent work, well done to all the team, the survey result is brilliant and I can see that clearly a lot of work has been put into the analysis and presentation of the findings, this is really good work and will help a lot when it comes to developing the plan itself.  – Keep up the good work.”

Below are some images of visitors to the stand showing interest in the development of the project.

Vision for Ickford display stand at the Ickford Village Fete – first time of showing the results
Visitors showing interest in the information collected to date.
Additional questionnaires being filled in from villagers
Visitors digesting the information collected for the display
Ickford land ownership map being added to and updated.


Our Vision, Objectives and Aims

Vision for Ickford Neighbourhood Development PlanVISION AND THE NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN

The Neighbourhood Plan establishes a vision of our parish in 2033 and sets out a number of objectives through which the Vision will be achieved. The Vision and Objectives should reflect, among other things, the issues raised during consultations with the villagers of Ickford.


In 15 years’ time, Ickford will still be an independent and distinctive community comprising both Ickford and Little Ickford, conserving and enhancing its rich architectural and environmental heritage for the benefit of villagers and for future generations. We will endeavour to protect and enhance those characteristics which make Ickford a place that people choose to live in and enjoy.



To find opportunities for landscape, recreational and ecological gain whilst minimizing the impact of new development.

  1. To protect, improve and extend where possible the village’s open spaces.
  2. To protect the landscape setting and rural character.
  3. To protect and enhance the historic and architectural environment of the village and its surroundings.
  4. To conserve and protect biodiversity.

To provide existing and future residents with good housing.

  1.  To provide a limited amount of housing to meet local needs including a range of affordable homes.
  2. To provide an appropriate mix of housing for the elderly, who may wish to downsize, and for first time buyers.
  3. To ensure that all new housing is of quality design using materials that enhance local distinctiveness, at the same time ensuring that flooding risk and proper drainage are given priority.
  4. To keep all new developments small in keeping with the character of the village.
  5. To attempt where possible to give priority to people with local connections.
  6. To ensure that all new development, location and design is resilient to the effects of climate change and flooding.
Traffic and Transport

To reduce the negative impact of traffic and encourage safe walking and cycling.

  1. To ensure new developments have stated plans for the improvement of parking, accessibility and traffic flow.
  2. To improve the footpath network as an amenity and improve access to village facilities.
  3. To position developments of any kind such that current problems with congestion, safety and parking are not exacerbated and, if possible, reduced.

To enhance the prospects for local employment and business growth.

  1. To support local businesses and employment opportunities, including home working.
  2. To provide local, affordable housing for local employees.
  3. To ensure that up to date communication services are available to businesses.
Community Services

To maintain the character, culture and vitality of the village as a thriving community.

  1. To ensure housing development has actionable and enforceable plans to enhance the community and facilities.
  2. To work towards maintaining the village’s diversity and demographic balance as part of housing policy
  3. To protect important village assets. These are, in alphabetical order, church, heritage and conservation areas, recreation ground, pub, school and shop.

The Ickford NDP will be monitored on an annual basis by local planning authorities and the Parish Council.

  1. To ensure plans and policies are met.
  2. To keep villagers up to date on issues and progress.
  3. By collecting when necessary views from villagers and relevant date to enable progress to be measured.
  4. The publishing of a 5-year review.